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Question: What is Gmail?

Gmail is Google's free web-based email service. Gmail distinguishes itself from other free webmail services in it's unique interface, it's huge storage capacity, and it's cutting-edge features. Notable among the features is Google's spamfiltering technology, the details of which are scarce. Gmail was the first free email provider to offer 1 gigabyte of storage to it's users. That limit is increased daily (actually, it's increased each and every second of each day) and currently stands at about 2.7 GB of data.

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Gmail now has a mobile interface

In addition to the standard and HTML interfaces, Gmail now has a trimmed-down interface designed especially for mobile phones. The address is and although the service is provided free of charge by google, your wireless carrier will likely charge you for the airtime. Although Yahoo has had a mobile interface since 2001, the Gmail mobile interface is impressive in that it allows viewing of most attachments, including pdf files, Microsoft Word documents, and pictures.

Gmail is now available in Arabic and Hebrew languages

The addition of Arabic and Hebrew to Gmail's already impressive 40 languages is a milestone in it's own right. These two right-to-left languages presented a unique problem as to page layout and content. One of the technologies used to solve these problem is bidirectional typing support in the Compose window. Users who select Hebrew or Arabic as their language are given the choice between left-to-right text composition or right-to-left. All the other features of standard Gmail accounts are intact in these two versions.

Gmail's Contact Pictures

Gmail pictures lets you assign a pictures to any name in your address book. When you mouse-over any name in your Inbox, Quick Contacts, or Contants lists, you will see a pop-up of that persons' picture. The service is global in nature, allowing picture-sharing between accounts for individual contacts. For instance, you can choose a picture for yourself, and anybody else who uses Gmail will see that picture when they roll over your name in their Contacts lists. Other Gmail users can override your picture and put any picture of their own. Of course, they will be the only one seeing the new picture- everybody else will see the picture that you chose, provided that they did not do their own override. Options include the ability to limit pictures only to those contacts currently online with Gmail, or to all contacts regardless of status.

Question: What is Gmail?

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