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Question: What is Gmail?

Does Gmail read users' email?

No, Gmail does not read users' email. This myth started because Gmails' advertising technology parses the users email, identifies keywords, and serves relevant ads. No human ever has access to the contents of your email, and no statistics are stored regarding which users saw which ads.

What am I not allowed to do with Gmail?

What is Standard View?

Standard view is the default Gmail interface. This is the interface most people are amiliar with. In this view, all the unique features of Gmail are present, including the ability to add stars to messages, the spell checker, keyboard shortcuts, and the auto-complete of To addresses. This view requires a browser that supports AJAX technologies, such as Firefox.

What is Basic HTML view?

The basic HTML view is a reduced Gmail inteface. It does not provide advanced features such as the spell checker or keyboard shortcuts. Also, users cannot update their settings or create filters via the Basic HTML view. When logging into Gmail via a browser that Gmail determines does not meet the minimum requirements for Standard View, the user is directed to the Basic HTML view. At any time the user may try to connect to the Standard View via a link at the bottom of every Gmail page.

Question: What is Gmail?

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